Exterior Siding in the Okanagan Valley

Quality Projects is a family owned and operated exterior finishing in new home and renovations company with over 30 years of experience. Based  in Summerland and servicing the entire Okanagan Valley, the father and son team of Brad and Michael Prest guarantee top quality exterior finishing of new homes and exterior renovations services for single and multiple-family dwellings. Brad Prest offers years of experience and expertise in the industry as Business Manager and the company estimator, while Michael manages the install personnel as Lead Installer.

Services include:
  • Vinyl siding installation
  • Fibre cement installation
  • Soffit installation
  • Removal and disposal of discarded siding
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Vinyl Siding

From an inexpensive standard option to a premium option, vinyl siding can complete your new home or update your home's energy efficiency. Vinyl siding is easy to maintain, quick to install and comes in a wide variety of finishes for added aesthetic.

Hardie Fibre Cement Products

Recognized as one of the highest quality siding products on the market, Quality Projects proudly installs Hardie fibre cement products. These fibre cement products created by James Hardie are best in class for weather resistant and area specific siding solutions and come in a wide range of colour and stain finishes.
Hardie Fibre Cement Colour Options

If you have a custom project in mind, we will install primed Hardie fibre cement products and the Quality Projects Team will paint your colour of choice.


Quality Projects installs both Vinyl and Aluminium soffits to complete the exterior finish. Vinyl soffits provide an inexpensive, low maintenance, long lasting finish in a variety of colours. Aluminium soffits are popular in the Okanagan region as they provide a durability ranging from resisted wear over time, they're easy to maintain as they do not attract dirt and in the event of a fire, aluminum soffits may reduce the rate of which a fire can spread. Speak with our Estimators today to find the best option for your exterior finishing needs!

Quality Projects

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